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From application assistance to visa processing, our expert team ensures a smooth journey to your dream study destination.

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Transform Your Future with International Exposure

Experience new cultures, enhance your skills, and build a global network with our personalized study abroad services.

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Unlock Global Education Opportunities

Discover world-class universities and programs tailored to your academic and career goals with Riddhi Siddhi Travels.

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Our Services

Explore global educational opportunities with our comprehensive study abroad services. From university selection to visa assistance, Riddhi Siddhi Travels supports you every step of the way.

University Selection Assistance

Personalized consultation to understand academic interests, career goals, and budget. Guidance on selecting universities based on program offerings, rankings, and campus life.

Application Support

Comprehensive assistance with the entire application process for selected universities. Guidance on preparing application documents, including essays, CV/resumes, and letters of recommendation.

Visa Guidance

Step-by-step guidance on the visa application process, including required documents and procedures. Assistance in completing visa application forms accurately and efficiently.

Financial Planning

Customized financial planning sessions to estimate the total cost of studying abroad. Assistance in exploring funding options, including scholarships, grants, and student loans.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Pre-departure orientation sessions covering essential topics for studying abroad. Information on cultural adaptation, local customs, and etiquette in the host country.

Post-Arrival Support

Arrival assistance, including airport pickup and transportation to accommodation. On-campus orientation sessions to familiarize students with university facilities & resources.

Why Study in UK?

  • The UK is known for its excellent education. 89 UK universities in the QS World University Rankings 2023.
  • Four of the Top 10 universities in the world are in the UK, with a further four in the global top 50.
  • Oldest and Favourite International Destination chosen by Indian Students which gives them an English-Speaking Environment.
  • Part-time Work Opportunities While Studying.
  • The UK is home to world-recognized universities, excellent in innovation and research.
  • A long-standing popular destination for Indian students owing to its multi-cultural, English-speaking environment.
  • 29 Out of the Top 200 Business schools in the world are in the UK – QS Global MBA Rankings 2022.

What People Say​

Studying abroad was a dream I never thought I could achieve until I found this service. Their expert guidance helped me navigate the complex process of university selection and visa applications effortlessly.

Shubham Kanojia


I can't thank this service enough for their invaluable assistance throughout my journey to study abroad. From helping me choose the right university to providing financial planning advice, their dedicated team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition.

Akshada Sabale